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Fusion Splicer OTDR combo 1490 PON OTDR Combo including OPM+OLS+VFL

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T40 fusion splicer+TR600 1490 PON OTDR+optical power meter+optical laser source+visual fault locator



Availability: In stock



Splicer & OTDR Combo includes:

Orientek T40 Fusion Splicer + TR600 OTDR 1490 PON, 1310/1490/1550nm, 32/30/28dB+ Optical Power Meter + Optical Light Source + Visual Fault Locator



Fusionadora/ maquina de fusao
Real PAS Core to Core Alignment System & Support English, Spanish and Portuguese.


Specially Designed for FTTX Application:

With upgraded FTTH fiber holder, can splice 250um, 900um Jumple Cable and Drop Cable etc.

With high precision, Splicing loss about 0.01dB.

Mainly and Perfect used at Trunk.




@ Orientek Most hot-selling fusion splicer, especially among distributors

@ Support English, Spanish, Portuges

@ The advanced core to core fiber profile alignment system(PAS)

@ Friendly smart GUI

@ X/Y axes were displayed meanwhile, Magnification up to 304 times

@ 8 Sec. splice time, 25 Sec. tube-heat time

@ Hig High-resolution true color 5.7 inch LCD display

@ Four display modes, fiber core visible

@ Store 4000 groups of splice result

@ USB interface - for updates + result transfers

@ Built-in high capacity battery, support 330 times splicing and heating, to meet one days’ work

@ Long Electrode Lifetime, up to 4000 times

@ Three Splicing modes: auto, half-auto, manual

@ Close shield splice automatically, Close heater lid heat automatically

@ Average Splicing Loss: 0.01dB

@ Splice 0.25mm/0.9mm/3.0mm/ Flat cable

@ Ideal for both indoor and outdoor splicing

@ Attached Night Light

@ HD CMOS sensor and HD aligner for duble seperate optical fibers

@ One year Warranty

@ With CE Certificate

@ Used perfect at Trunk & small FTTH project





 IPAS Core to Core Alignment (Image Pattern Analysis Alignment System)

 Applicable Fibers

 SMF(ITU-T G.652), MMF(ITU-T G.651), DSF(ITU-T G.653),

 NZDSF(ITU-T G.655), EDFA, EI980, Splicing available with different

 type fiber(SM/MM), ITU-T G.657

  Compatible Fiber/Cable  0.25mm/0.9mm/3.0mm/Flat/Drop Cable
  Fiber cleave length  250μm (Coat) : 8 ~ 16mm, 900μm : 16mm
  Typical splice loss  SMF: 0.02dB, MMF: 0.01dB, DSF: 0.04dB, NZDSF : 0.04dB
  Return loss  Less then -60dB
  Splice Time  Splice: Typical 8 Sec, Tube Heat: Typical 25 Sec with S-160 (60mm) Tube
  Program  SPLICE Mode : 100, Heat Mode : 50
  Storage of splice result  4,000 results
  Operating altitude  0 ~ 5000m above sea level
  Operating condition  -10℃ to 50℃, humidity : 95%, non-Condensing
  Storage condition  -40℃ to 80℃, 0 to 95% RH
  Protection  Wind 15  , shock proof, water proof, dust proof
  SIZE, Weight  138W×160L×135H(include Monitor), 2.3Kg (include Battery)
  Terminal  USB, VGA, External Power
  Power  DC 14.8V Battery (7800mAh), 100~240V AC Adapter
  Additional power  DC 12V automobile power outlet available
  No. of splice/Heating with Battery  330 cycle, lithium polymer batteries
  Electrode  4,000 times splicing without exchange
  Mechanical proof test  2N / 4.4N (OPTION)
  Display  Two CMOS cameras and 5.7 inch color LCD monitor
 Fiber view and magnification

 X/Y 300X, 170X



Standard Package:

@ T40 Fusion Splicer

High Precision Fiber Cleaver

Fiber Coat Stripper

Carrying Strap

Alcohol Pump Bottle

Internal Battery 

Cooling Tray

Dust Blower

AC Adaptor & Charger

@ Spare Electrodes (one pair)

User Manual instruction CD

@ Carrying Case

  2. Orientek TR600 1490 PON OTDR 1310/1490/1550nm

* Come with FC+SC+LC Adaptors *

* English + Spanish Languages *

* Test Results Analysis softeware *


Specially Designed for FTTX Application:

@ FTTx application installation and maintenance, fiber R&D and producing testing.

    1. to test the length, fiber loss connector loss and other physical characteristics of fiber.

    2. to locate events on fiber cables precisely. 




@ Rugged design, light weight and easy operation

@ Applicable fiber: Networks with PLC Splitters

@ <3m extra-short event dead zone

@ Distance Range: 4,8,16,32,64,128,256km

@ Pulse with: 10,30,80,160,320,640,1280,5120,1024ns

@ Memory capacity >800 traces

@ Built-in friendly-environment lithium battery with high capacity for over 8 hours of operating life

@ Display:640×480, 5.6 inch low-reflection TFT-LCD (touch screen)

@ One year Warranty

@ With Calibration Certificate and CE Certificate

@ Support English & Spanish




 Model  TR600 Series OTDR
 Wavelength and dynamic range

 OTDR TR600 SV30A PON OTDR: 1310/1490/1550nm, 32/30/28dB

 Pulse width (ns)  5,20,40,80,160,320,640,1280,2560,5120,10240,20480
 Display  5.6 inch TFT LCD touch screen
 Event blind zone (m)  3
 Attenuation blind zone (m)              13
 Linearity (dB/dB)  ±0.05 dB/ dB
 Loss threshold (dB)  0.05
 Loss resolution ratio (dB)  0.01
 Sampling resolution ratio (m)  0.125 to 8
 Sampling point  32k
 Distance uncertainty  (m)  ±(1 m + 5×10-5× distance + sampling interval)
 Distance scope (km)  0.3 to180
 Memory capacity of trace  SD Card (4G), > 10000 pieces
 Duration of measurement  Defined by user; 5sec, 10sec, 15sec, 30sec, 1min, 2min, and 3min are selectable
 Optical interface  FC/UPC+SC/UPC+LC/UPC
 Data interface  USB interface, SD card interface
 Power supply  Lithium battery; continuing working duration ≥ 8 hours
 Warranty period  12 months



Standard Package:

@ Carrying Case

@ OTDR with Battery Pack

@ Calibration & Test Report

@ SD Card

@ FC & SC & LC connectors

@ AC Adaptor

@ Power Supply

@ User Manual & Trace Manage Software (CD)


  3.Hand-held Optical Power Meter + Optical Light Source, 1310/1550nm + Visual Fault Locator 1mw

 - Six wavelenghts Optical Power Meter for SM & MM
- Dual Wavelengths 1310/1550nm Optical Light Source for SM

- Pocket size Visual Fault Locator



Important: Brazil Customers please leave your CPF or CNPJ number after placing order.


1. Lead Time: stock available, usually can ship within 24 hours upon receipt of payment.

2. Shipping Time: express about 3 to 9 working days to arrive.

3. Customs Tax: Should be paid by the buyer. Seller can't do it here.

4. Declaration to save tax: If needed, we can also help declare low value on invoice for you to pay lower tax in your

    country. not all suppliers can do this, and it will take about extra 3 working days to operate.





    All major credit cards are accepted through secure payment processor Paypal


Please add me on:

  skype: coet-group-ltd                  whatsapp: +86 18351826393

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